MnGCA Pathtag Backs

According to, “Give Backs cost a little extra, but that extra money goes to the organization or charity featured on that back. It's a great way to show your style and support your favorite group or cause.”

By using a MnGCA Pathtag back, you are supporting the organization and helping fund future MnGCA Pathtag releases. After you’ve uploaded your front design to, you’ll be asked to choose a back. Scroll past the first section, Standard Tagbacks, to find the Give Back section. Continue scrolling until you spot the green MnGCA tagback at the top of this page. The cost to add the special back is 10 cents per tag. 100% of that goes directly to the MnGCA in the form of Pathcash and can only be used by MnGCA to make future pathtags. 

MnGCA Pathtag Back Owners

The first person to use our unique backing was a non-Minnesotan. JenOvations selected it for a special series of state-themed tags. The tag is not available to the general public as it was a part of a club.

Tag 51360 from Viking John boasts the very first Minnsotan-owned Give Back tagback. Thanks, Viking John for taking the leap and supporting our state association in this unique way! 

Thank you Viking John, JenChasesCoordinates, HippieTwo, LibLaura5, Acleon, Master Sergeant USMC, GreenHell, kirbytown, Queenie, and lansima for supporting MnGCA with the tagback program!