Minnesota Geocaching Association


MnGCA is here for YOU to provide a resource for ALL Minnesota Geocachers by organizing activities and events that will improve the credibility of the sport, protect our natural resources, and strengthen the community of Geocachers in the state of Minnesota. 

Our Values

MnGCA holds these values as important to the organization: Education, Community, Environment, Advocacy. 

Our Mission

To demonstrate the values MnGCA holds as important aspects of representing geocaching in the state of Minnesota, MnGCA has identified several statements that best outline our mission: 

We want to help you experience Minnesota geocaching to its fullest potential!

Email the current board with questions, comments, or ideas: boardmngca@gmail.com

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Got a Funny Geocaching Pic to Share?

Have you taken a funny pic of you or a fellow geocacher you are willing to share? 

Submit your pic (without any spoilers please) and a brief story of how that pic got taken or what it means. We will publish that pic and story with your permission (no children's photos please unless you are the parent or guardian of the children in the shot). 

We want your stories of Minnesota geocaching!

Send submissions to boardmngca@gmail.com. We will try very hard to accommodate all submissions.

Canuck1867 offered us an interesting geocaching tip after a trip to the World's Largest Candy Store in Jordan, MN. While she enjoyed the Adventure Lab there, the trip to the women's restroom was far less successful. 

She immediately spotted the potential geocache container on the way out of the restroom; however, a more careful inspection of the (um, door latch?) proved to be a red herring. Still, she had to give it a try! 

Her advice? There is no need to search this (um) restroom for a potential geocache. 

Geocaching is nothing without a great pair of shoes. It's the containers that need to be camouflaged - not the cacher's attire! (Note the embarrassed dog).