Minnesota Geocaching Association


MnGCA is here for YOU to provide a resource for ALL Minnesota Geocachers by organizing activities and events that will improve the credibility of the sport, protect our natural resources, and strengthen the community of Geocachers in the state of Minnesota.

Our mission is to hold educational, social and informational activities to increase awareness of our sport, sponsor reports, meetings, and workshops for MnGCA members and the public on a wide area of topics, advocate for responsible land use while geocaching, and work with local, county, and state governments to promote geocaching as a family-oriented outdoor activity.

We want to help you experience Minnesota geocaching to its fullest potential!

Email the current board with questions, comments, or ideas: boardmngca@gmail.com

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Minnesota Geocaching Association (MnGCA): https://www.facebook.com/groups/54671531070

MnGCA Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/mn_gca/

Geocacher's Tip of the Week

This Week's Tip: Mystery or puzzle caches can be really hard to solve, yet here are a couple of tips that might help. 1) Most of the puzzle solutions are essentially the GPS coordinates for the physical cache. Study GPS coordinates if you haven't done this yet. Not all answers will be in the GPS format that is familiar to you, even though many will be in the degrees and decimal minutes (DMM) you see on geocache pages. 2) Mystery caches that are not at the coordinates you see on the map still must be within 2 miles of the mystery cache's coordinates. This will give you a clue as to whether you are on the right track. For example, if your solution to a puzzle is N44 45.321 W093 19.334 and the mystery cache is placed on the map at is N44 50.321 W 093 19.334, you have missed something because these two spots on the map are too far apart. Try again!

Got a Funny Geocaching Pic to Share?

Have you taken a funny pic of you or a fellow geocacher you are willing to share?

Submit your pic (without any spoilers please) and a brief story of how that pic got taken or what it means. We will publish that pic and story with your permission (no children's photos please unless you are the parent or guardian of the children in the shot).

We want your stories of Minnesota geocaching!

Send submissions to boardmngca@gmail.com. We will try very hard to accommodate all submissions.