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President's Chat ~ Nov/Dec 2019

Welcome to the (yet again) new website! I hope this is an easy to use place to gather information and stay up to date on what's happening with the board, the reviewers and others who are sharing information to keep this group active, engaged and educated. For those of you who don't know me, let me take a second to introduce myself:

I am originally from western ND, near Bismarck. I am a farm girl, through and through. My family still has cattle and raises mostly corn. I went to UMM (Morris) for college, couldn't find a teaching job when I finished in MN so moved to Arizona for 3 years (2005-2008). It was there I started geocaching and where my caching name originated (the story involves a hike in the mountains and an impatient friend). The science teacher down the hall took me out our first week of school to do this game he liked. We got his jeep stuck in sugar sand and had to walk a mile to the nearest town; it was 104 degrees outside. Despite the rocky start, we cached all the time including in Mexico on our Thanksgiving trip.

Peter (Boreal Walker) and I met in college but didn't start dating until the end of my 2nd year in Arizona. We got engaged that third spring and I moved back because he refused to move there. I've been a teacher at Kenyon-Wanamingo Schools since and love my connection back to rural life. And despite what people may think, I am the reason he started caching and I've had to apologize for it ever since. ;)


When the new board took over, I shared this exact background with them and shared that my intent this year is to spend time talking with members to find out the future of our organization. We've changed so much over the years: from the early years of countless hours spent at local government and park board meetings to set up a friendly relationship to creating fun and educational events to keep the public informed to mailings to local law enforcement. I spent time reading through each and every board meeting minutes in the archive to get a sense of where we've come from and where we need to go.

One of my biggest priorities is to help educate! When people know where to find things, when they know who to talk to, when they know that someone is there to listen when they have questions, we all do better. Cachers love good caches. If you're new and don't know how to best select containers, locations, submit cache pages, etc. we all suffer. Even if you're a seasoned cacher, we all need refreshers and to know that there is a support system in place when a question arises. Can the board help you with something? Let us know:

** As you can see we've been thinking about changing the website over for quite a while. I'm going to leave this here even though it is "dated" because I love how I wrote it. ~ Laura 8/25/2020