MnGCA Swag Page

MnGCA has its own virtual store, where Spring prints our designs on demand! This means you can order anything you want and have it delivered in time for spring and summer geocaching season. 

The swag options are endless! Just take a look:

MnGCA 2023 Apparel - Made with Clipchamp_1688303587691.mp4

Check out our store on Teespring and grab some swag!

Coins and Pathtags for Sale!

These are the coins and pathtags we currently have on sale at the MnGCA Square Site. The 2022 coins and pathtags are being minted as we speak. Ask any board member for these past coins and pathtags to fill out your collection or check out the MnGCA Square Site while supplies last! Nothing is more satisfying than having coins to remember your accomplishments in geocaching each year. Grab them while they last! 

2022 20th-Anniversary Geocoin

New Pathtag Backs for your own Designs!

Now you can order your own pathtags from and select from any one of these pathtag backs, using bronze, gold, silver, or black as your metal type. So many options!

MnGCA Swag through the Years

Many of us newbies (and even some oldies) don't realize that there have been MnGCA coins practically since the beginning of geocaching.  This cool collection of MnGCA coins belongs to Bronco who has agreed to share these awesome pictures of swag throughout the years of this organization. Who knew they would be such collectibles? He has a fantastic collection from other states as well. Check out his website for more: