2020 Election Information

Article III of the MNGCA Bylaws, sets up the Board of Directors. The board members are elected for a one year term in the fall. According to the bylaws the vote happens and the term begins at the fall membership meeting/event. However, because of current restrictions on events, we’ll be holding a virtual election. And I apologize that we aren’t following the exact timelines described in the bylaws; but we’re hopeful that everyone will have plenty of time to know who is running and when elections will take place.

Elections Timeline

Starting today, Saturday, Sept. 12: nominations are open. Nominations can be emailed to board@mngca.org. Please include the geocaching name, real name and email if possible, and the position you are nominating the individual for. You are definitely welcome to nominate yourself. Two emails about a specific cacher will be considered an indication of a seconded nomination.

Those nominated will be contacted for confirmation and approval throughout this time.

Nominations will close: Saturday, Sept. 26. An official list of nominations will be emailed to the membership no later than Sunday, Sept. 27.

Election: Saturday, October 10. Members will receive an email with a Google Form to vote for each position. Votes will be accepted until 10 am on Sunday morning. Another email with finalized results will be sent by the evening of Sunday, Oct. 11.

PRESIDENT: Laura (no name) - Laura McAnally

VICE PRESIDENT: TJnAJ - Truitt Johnson

SECRETARY: fens - Krista Meyer

TREASURER: tnthekids - Terry Swanson

MEMBER AT LARGE: girldog - Kari Meyer and JackiLahr - Jacki Lahr